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Why Using Bonny Silver Products Work

       Hello there Bonny Silver customers. This is Michael here; the owner of www.bonnysilver.us.

        I and my business partners Kobi started up Bonny Silver back in January 2018 in the United States with the goal of bringing comfortable health products at an affordable price to people who need it. We’re people who saw that there was a need for comfortable health products to wear, and who didn’t have many outlets to purchase these items.

        So, we brought Bonny Silver to the U.S. to help; and I wanted to share a story that had happened to me to help show what sort of confidence I have in the products that we sell. A story about an injury that I had, and what the products did to help me get better.

        To start off this story on why it is that Bonny Silver products work, let me take you back a little way to just a little under a year ago. See, back in September of 2018, I had a little bit of an accident that caused me to end up getting a wound just right under my foot.

        This wound wasn’t too major at the time, and in fact, it wasn’t anything to really worry me over. It was due to an accident, and due to stress, and thus should have been taken care of almost immediately. I went to CVS and showed the wound to the Pharmacist there to see what could be done so it wouldn’t get worst.

        The pharmacist, who was just a CVS employee I should add and not a medical doctor (just to be upfront with my situation), suggested some supporting healing products that were sold in the store, and to get as much rest as possible so as not to make the wound worst. So I ended up leaving with around $40 in supplies and supporting materials to help with my injury. I left, thinking that I would be all right with what I had gotten.

        Unfortunately, my lifestyle doesn’t exactly include the ability to just “rest up as much as I can” because my lifestyle requires me to constantly be on the move. A fact which I mention right now to tie into later in this story. For now, imagine a man who is up on his feet 9-10 hours a day at a time, meaning that my injured foot is inside of a work shoe for the entire duration.

        Worst yet, I had to use a list of supporting creams to help with the healing, as well as a bandage to wrap around my foot, and a sock to go over it. If I didn’t use the bandage, the cream would cause my foot to stick to my sock, and if I didn’t use the cream the bandage would chafe my foot, and if I didn’t use the cream or bandage, the sock would just build up with bacteria.

I wish I took more picture.

        With my busy schedule, and because I’m constantly working, it wasn’t viable to do all of that because I rarely had a moment to sit and apply all that I needed to.

        So as you can imagine, the wound wouldn’t heal properly. After around 2 to 3 weeks of this, I was at my wit's end because I either needed to take time off of work (which I couldn’t afford) or continue buying pharmaceuticals from CVS to try and heal my foot (which would mean I’d have had to work more).

        Eventually, my business Partner made a suggestion to me to use our top of the line Bonny Silver products, and use it as a way to show that they actually are very effective and DO work and can help with injuries like the one I was suffering from.

        However, there was a catch – our arrangement with working together meant that I had to pay for every single item that we sold like I was a customer so we wouldn’t abuse our position for cheaper products. Every item I was to use had to be purchased at full price.

        So I made the joke “The products are reasonably priced though, but I don’t know I fi should pay for them now, and give up buying more product from CVS, or if I should pay $20 to $25 for a pair of socks”. He said he would pay for it at full price, as long as I got healed, and in the end, we ordered four pairs of socks together.

       The following picture is timed exactly 3 – 4 days before I started using the Bonny Silver Socks, and I admit I was a little excited. For the first time, I was testing first hand our product line and seeing for myself how useful they were. While I always knew the product worked extremely well thanks to customer feedback, there was just no way for me to personally experience the product.

I wish I took better pictures.

       Well… not without deliberately injuring myself of course, which is something I’m not exactly interested in doing just to test a product out.

       Either way, I wore those 4 pairs of socks over the next six weeks, and almost instantly I started to notice a massive change in how my injury was healing. Before, as I said, I needed to put on heavy cream, bandage, and then a sock, but that never seemed to work.

        Now, I just needed the sock, and that was it. The silver thread in the socks themselves really did do most of the work and kept a lot of the bacteria build up that normally occurred at bay.

        Sure, I had to keep the wound itself clean whenever I showered and was relaxing (using the CVS pharmaceutical products I had with me), but for the most part, I ended up skipping the bandage and other creams altogether and just made sure the socks were washed and dried.


         During that whole six weeks, the wound just started getting better, and better. This really helped me out, because I couldn’t afford both monetarily and time-wise a chance to go to a doctor to learn the real problem that I faced with my injury. Yet, even without seeing a doctor (and having to pay for it) I ended up feeling a lot better, and my foot eventually returned back to normal.

        I shared this story with my business partners, and right now I feel that this is a story that I needed to share with my customers for Bonny Silver. I feel that it’s a testament to what the product itself can do. In fact, I feel even more confident about what I sell! I think that if my injury can be taken care of with just my products, and a little bit of preventive care, then imagine what they’ll do for you when you have your doctor by your side.


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