What is athlete's foot? And how is it transmitted?

Athlete's foot is a contagious skin disease that can be seen in many people. This disease causes irritation and itching. Athlete's foot occurs when certain parts of the feet become ill due to a type of fungus called 'dermatophyte'.


The most common symptoms of athlete's foot are severe itching, rash, redness, scaling, and sores. Inflammation and cellulitis extending to the leg are most important consequences as it reduces the protection of the skin. Another result of athlete’s foot is that it can lead to bone inflammation in those with diabetes or vascular disease.


 Athlete's foot, an infectious disease, occurs with dandruff and itching between the fingers. Athlete's foot loves the moisture and heat. It reproduces rapidly in humid and hot places. Athlete's foot is also transmitted by using other people's belongings. Common outdoor pools, showers, locker rooms, gyms, and student dormitories are the most common places where this disease is transmitted.


 Fungal diseases in the skin tissue in various parts of the body occur especially when body resistance is weak. The fungus waits for the body's immunity to decrease and causes the disease after it is infected.


Can athelete’s foot go away on its own?


 Athelete’s foot is a serious problem that spreads to other parts of the foot if it is left untreated. It can crack the skin of your feet and cause deep and painful wounds on your skin.


Athelete’s foot is a condition that needs to be treated and does not go away on its own. A doctor's advice is absolutely necessary and it is essential to adhere to the treatment plan.



What are the best socks to wear with athlete’s foot?


In addition to medical treatment, you can do some preventive and curative practices. Some of these practices include taking off your shoes during the day to ventilate your feet, change your socks daily and not wear someone else's shoes.


 One of the most effective applications is to prefer silver socks in order to prevent athelete’s foot. Silver socks prevent the growth and immunity of bacteria on the skin of the feet. Thus, bacteria that cause fungus cannot grow and reproduce on the skin sufficiently.


Silver socks have pure silver thread in their structure. Silver is one of the most important material that prevents bacteria without causing any harm to the human body. The quality and intended use of silver socks are based on this feature of pure silver.


What is the benefit of silver socks for athlete’s foot?


Even if shoe manufacturing technology has advanced today, there is not yet a complete solution to foot odor or sweating. Foot sweat and odor are caused by bacteria. These bacteria can also grow on the skin of the feet over time and cause athlete's foot.


Another factor that can cause bacterial growth on the feet is the socks we choose. Ordinary casual socks can leave your feet stuffy and cause sweating. The best way to avoid these negative situations is to choose silver socks.


Silver socks are made using pure silver thread. Thanks to the antibacterial properties it contains, it has the potential to quickly destroy the bacteria that occur in the human foot.

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