Bonny Silver Socks

  • Bonny Silver socks are made of 100% pure silver yarn. They are made to provide optimal health benefits and maximum comfort to individuals living with diabetes. However, Bonny Silver Socks are also a wonderful choice for individuals who want supremely high-quality socks.

  • The powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial abilities of Bonny Silver socks contain healing properties heal any preexisting infections in the foot.
  • The healing characteristics of silver aid in the prevention of bacterial and fungal infections. Incredible silver yarn technology ensures that your feet are always feeling their best.

  • Because Bonny Silver socks are made with diabetics in mind, they do not squeeze your feet in the way that so many other socks do. Bonny Silver socks encourage healthy blood circulation and ensure that swelling in the feet does not occur. The seam-free toe area design of these socks promises no irritation to the feet.

Odor-fighting Abilities

  • Smelly feet are caused by bacteria, which thrive in humid, damp environments (like sweaty feet).
  • Thanks to the impressive antimicrobial effects of silver, silver yarn prevents the proliferation of the bacteria that cause stinky feet.
  • Silver eradicates the stench-causing bacteria. With Bonny Silver socks, you'll have feet that smell as fresh as they feel.

Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, And Anti-inflammatory

  • For thousands of years, silver has been used around the world for its anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory capabilities.
  • For bacteria to survive, they require certain environmental conditions, such as specific surface temperature and the right amount of humidity.

  • Unfortunately, socks create the ideal environment for the formation of bacteria - a warm, wet environment with minimal breathability.
  • That's where Bonny Silver socks slip in to save the day. Silver targets these microorganisms and stops them in their tracks, preventing them from creating colonies and leading to fungal infections or inflammation.

  • Even better, your Bonny Silver socks won't suddenly stop working.
  • Bacteria eventually become immune to most antibacterial agents; however, bacteria are virtually incapable of developing resistance to silver.
  • With the antibacterial and antimicrobial abilities of the pure silver yarn technology, Bonny Silver is a powerhouse when it comes to eliminating bacteria!
  • The thermodynamic abilities of the Bonny Silver socks regulate the temperature of your feet. They ensure that your sweat glands function properly, which means that sweat is unable to soak the socks. Worse for nasty bacteria, better for you!

  • Bonny Silver is highly recommended for individuals who have suffered from foot fungus and eczema.

Antistatic Abilities

  • With their phenomenal silver yarn technology, Bonny Silver socks are even able to insulate the static electricity which accumulates in our bodies.
  • When we travel, changes in weather and climate can increase the buildup of static electricity in our body. The silver in the Bonny Silver socks aids in the distribution of the stagnant electricity, which means fewer unpleasant static shocks.
  • As if that weren't enough, these socks reduce the feeling of fatigue after an exhausting period of travel.
  • Frequent travelers will absolutely love how Bonny Silver socks transform the traveling experience!

Thermodynamic Abilities

  • Silver is one of the most reflective and conductive periodic elements in the world!
  • Thanks to these incredible properties, silver yarn technology is able to produce thermodynamic socks that keep your feet warm and cozy in the winter, and cool and refreshed in the summer.
  • The technology works like this: silver yarn reflects about 95% of the heat produced by your body.
  • It evenly distributes thermal energy, leaving your feet feeling neither too warm nor too hot, but always perfectly comfortable.

100% All-Natural

  • Bonny Silver products are completely natural and hypoallergenic.
  • All products made by the Bonny Silver brand are made of 100% pure silver yarn, not silver drystat.
  • Bonny Silver products do not contain any harmful chemicals or substances.
  • Because Bonny Silver uses pure silver, these socks do not lose their abilities and benefits after going through the wash.
  • All characteristics are retained by the socks throughout their lifetime.