How do I stop my socks from smelling? What socks are best for smelly feet?

Our feet have hundreds of sweat glands which produce sweat to cool our toes. When this sweat is trapped and there is no way for ventilation, it starts stinking. Coming back home after work or changing shoes in the gym can be challenging. Visiting a friend who do not allow shoes to save the floor and the expensive rug, removing shoes can be embarrassing.


At the end of the day when you start relaxing by freeing your feet from the trapping boots, you do not want the stinking smell. There are some quick fixes to get rid of bad odour like washing feet multiple times a day, drying them frequently or spraying chemicals that block sweat glands. But these solutions are not practically possible every day with a hectic routine and all workplaces do not have the adequate arrangement for washing feet too many times and drying. Applying antiperspirant chemicals over a period of time can have potential side effects. As a result, over time, your wardrobe or room will develop particular smell welcoming your visitors.

But you do not have to be embarrassed or worry due to smelly feet. Bonny silver socks are here to solve all your problems.

Bonny silver socks are made of pure silver yarn. With its unique design and material, these socks provide a gentle and fresh feel to the user. The socks are odor free, due to their anti-static, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. The silver yarn prevents the reproduction and proliferation of bacteria, causing sweat and smelly feet. With its antibacterial characteristic, silver neutralizes sweat (ammonia) and denaturalized proteins and eliminates odorizer molecules arising from the emergence of the bacteria. Bonny silver socks are not only odor free but also helps to maintain body temperature. Silver is the element with the best reflection and conductivity features in the world. The silver yarn reflects most of the thermal energy coming out of your body back to its source and redistribute it. With its thermodynamic structure, it keeps your feet warm in winter and cool and fresh in summer. Such property gives comfort at work and enhances the working capacity as well.

These Bonny silver socks are also helpful to control unhygienic conditions. When the warm moist conditions are available for a longer duration each day, it is the best environment for fungus growth. The most common fungus is growing in toes and spreading the whole feet, also known as athlete’s foot a nightmare for fitness enthusiasts who do running, jogging or other sports many hours a day with shoes on. This fungus not only deteriorates the skin it also produces a typical bad smell. The silver yarn present in bonny silver socks kills the microorganism and no bacteria or fungus grow under these socks. The bonny silver socks ensure healthy and clean foot so you will be healthy and confident.

 Because of its multiple benefits, bonny silver socks are recommended for different users. If you have a hobby of travelling, then these socks are one of the best options for you. You don’t need to overload your luggage with multiple sets of socks. Bonny silver socks help your body for proper blood circulation, which makes you active during your journey.

When it comes to daily life routine, its medical benefits are also very appealing. Silver is one of the old element used for therapy. If you have any risk of infection and wound, these socks will help your body to heal the wound. Because of the special rubber material in the socks which prevent the squeezing of feet, these socks are highly recommended for diabetic and pregnant women. These socks do not have harmful contents. All it contains is a benefit for the human body.

The advancement in technology has made people able to use things smartly and wisely. Bonny silver socks available in different shapes and sizes will make your daily life comfortable and confident. You don’t need to worry about smell and embarrassment. Bonny silver socks are in actual a breakthrough in the textile industry. Smart people always adopt new technology and get benefit earlier than latecomers. If you want to improve your daily life and get rid of bad smell every day, then Bonny silver socks could be the best option for you.

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