Bonny Silver Socks Characteristic Features


  • Foot care is more important for diabetic patients compared to others. The continuous increase of the blood sugar adversely affects the feet too. The diabetic disorder causes the damage of the veins by impairing the vein walls and decreases the amount of blood going to the feet. In untreated and uncontrolled diabetes, the functions of the nerves on the legs and feet may be impaired, the pain, heat and touching feelings may decrease and loss of sensation may occur. As a result of this, the injuries on the feet cannot be felt and noticed. One should not forget that feet, which carry the entire body weight and receive the highest pressure, are the most vulnerable organs against injuries.
  • Bonny Silver socks are manufactured specially with pure silver yarn for diabetic patients. With the pure silver yarn technology, it keeps your feet warm in cold weathers. With its antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics, it prevents any wound and infections on your feet. With the healing characteristic of the silver medal, it heals the wounds and infections on your wound without letting them become contaminated with germs.
  • Bonny Silver does not squeeze your feet with its rubber specially made for diabetic patients, it does not prevent the circulation of blood and ensures that no edema occurs with the silver zone up to your ankle. And it does not irritate your feet due to its seam-free toe.


  • The silver yarn prevents the reproduction and increase of the bacteria causing sweat and smelly feet. Silver neutralizes the sweat (ammonia) and the denaturalized proteins and eliminates the odor molecules arising from the combination of the bacteria with its antibacterial characteristic.


  • Silver is an element with the best reflection and conductivity features in the world. With its thermodynamic structure arising from these characteristics, it keeps your feet warm in winter and cools in summer. The silver yarn reflects 95% of the heat energy coming out of your body back to its source and stores and distributes the thermal energy. In this way, it keeps your feet warm in cold weathers. Due to its heat conductivity characteristic, the silver yarn distributes the heat on your feet in hot weathers to external and keeps your feet cool. The silver yarn ensures that the sweat glands function correctly and arranges the temperature balance of your body.


  • The organs most adversely affected by the fungus and eczema disorders are the feet. The common aspect of fungus and eczema disorders is that they are both skin disorders. There are several factors causes the occurrence of these two important disorders. Various bacteria and infections occurring on our feet cause the development of these disorders.
  • With the antibacterial and antimicrobial effect of the pure silver yarn technology, Bonny Silver eliminates the bacteria and infections occurring on the feet. The thermodynamic characteristic ensures that the sweat glands function correctly and provides a healthy use by preventing the sweat, which is the most important factor in the occurrence of bacteria.
  • Bonny Silver is also recommended for being used as a treatment support product during the treatment of the previously occurred fungus and eczema disorders.


  • The part of the silver yarn contacting the skin creates an electromagnetic field due to its electrical network. The flow speed of the blood at the area contacting with this effect increases and the edema on the area reduces.
  • It creates a magnetic field at the place where the electric current passes. Magnetic products have blood circulation increasing and edema decreasing effects.


  • Bonny Silver insulates the static electricity accumulated in the body with the silver yarn technology and reduces the feeling of tiredness and provides more comfortable use.
  • As it distributes the stagnant electricity load arising due to weather changes while traveling with the silver ions, it is also recommended as a travel sock.


  • Silver provides protection against the electromagnetic radiation caused by mobile phones and other electrical devices.


  • The silver element is being used for treatment purposes since ancient times. Particularly used in the treatment of wounds, silver significantly eliminates the infection risk. It supports the treatment process and has a healing effect on edema and eczema patients. The silver yarn technology balances the blood circulation in the feet.


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  • Hi, if you follow the washing instructions the effects of the socks will last their lifetime.

    Matt E. on
  • Hi. I would like to know if your silver socks maintain their effectiveness after repeated washings. In particular, how many washings can the socks undergo before they lose their therapeutic effectivenss for wound treatment for diabetics? Thanks.

    Blanca Baitler Rodriguez on

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