Bad Foot Odor - What is it, how to prevent it, and how Bonny Silver can help.

Bad foot odor.

We have all suffered with it at one point or another. It’s embarrassing - no one wants to take their shoes off around other people if their feet smell! Today we are here to talk about bad foot odor. What exactly is bad foot odor? How can we prevent it? And how is Bonny Silver the perfect solution to your problem?

What causes bad foot odor?

Believe it or not, the problem is not our feet. The problem is what we put on our feet. Each human foot contains 250,000 sweat glands. Each of these 250,000 sweat glands releases sweat, which then gets stuck between the skin of our feet and our socks or shoes. If our footwear doesn’t allow that sweat out, it just sits there, clinging to the pores of our feet.

Does that not feel disgusting just to think about? But sweat isn’t even the real cause of our bad foot odor problems - bacteria is. Our skin naturally produces bacteria. When this bacteria comes in contact with the sweat from those 250,000 glands in our feet, it produces isovaleric acid. This acid is what produces that nasty bad foot odor.

Bad foot odor and traveling

Bad foot odor is a struggle in day-to-day life, and it’s only made worse by traveling! Have you ever been stuck on an airplane beside someone who felt entitled to remove their shoes and send everyone in the near vicinity into convulsions?

Have you been the one with the bad foot odor? You want to take your shoes off and relax, whether it be on the plane, in the Uber, or at your hotel - but you know the bad foot odor will be overwhelming, and you don’t want to inconvenience everyone around you?

Bad foot odor and the gym

What about at the gym? Not only are you covered in sweat from that healthy exercise you had going, but those glands in your feet are producing sweat at an alarming rate. Sweat + bacteria + that isovaleric acid and you’re dreading the moment you have to take your shoes off to shower.

How to prevent bad foot odor

1. Kill germs.

Help your feet out a bit. Wash them at least daily (don’t forget to dry them before putting your shoes back on!). Consider using an anti-bacterial spray, and see if that will help!

2. Wash your shoes and/or insoles.

Avoid bad foot odor

Frankly, if you have had these shoes for a while, they may carry more bacteria than your feet do. Pull the insoles out of your shoes and give both a thorough scrubbing. You could try throwing them in the washing machine (but in a load all of their own, so that bacteria doesn’t transfer from the shoes to your clothes).

3. Air your shoes - and feet - out.

Do you wear your shoes all the time, even at home? Try taking them off a little more often. Sit your shoes beside the open door when you step inside your house. Go barefoot, allowing those sweat glands on your feet to breathe for a bit.

4. Avoid sharing shoes.

We get it - sometimes it’s easier to slip into a family member’s shoes than to dig out your own. The problem is that you are not the only one with bacteria on your feet. When you slip into someone else’s shoes, you are taking on their bacteria on top of your own. No wonder your feet smell!

5. Try a different kind of shoes.

If none of the above works, it may be time to try a different kind of shoes. Avoid shoes made of or containing large amounts of plastic. Try going a little looser - tighter shoes constrain your feet and force that sweat to stay contained very close to your feet. Look for more breathable qualities.

You could also alternate between close-toed and open-toed shoes. Sometimes all your feet need is a bit of breathing space.

6. Try a different kind of socks.

If your regular socks aren’t working, it is time for a change. Switch brand names. Read the labels on your socks and try a different variation of the materials. Look for something healthier for your feet… and this is where Bonny Silver can help! 

Our products:

Bonny Silver socks are hands-down the best products for preventing bad foot odor. Our socks are made of 100% purse silver yarn. Optimal health benefits? Check. Maximum comfort? Check. We don’t just apply some chemical silver ions and call it good enough - Bonny Silver uses silver metal itself. They do not lose their qualities after being washed. They’re long-lasting, odor-preventing, and perfect for your foot needs.

They protect against 99.9% of bacteria and fungus - more than your standard cotton socks you find in Walmart or the dollar store. You can find them in a variety of colors and styles, from dark diabetic socks to ladies’ pantyhose. There is nothing that Bonny Silver cannot provide!

Bonny Silver Odor Fighting Socks for Odor-Free Days! 

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