What Are The Best Socks For Athletes Foot?

Athlete’s foot sucks, there’s just no getting around that fact. All of that burning and itching that you feel is not only really distracting, but it seems to agonizingly last such a long time too. No matter how many times you apply powders, or creams or just wash your feet, in general, it just feels like it remains there, itching and feeling like it's eating away at your entire foot till you can’t stand it and you need to scratch or you’ll go mad.

The worst part is when it comes to socks. It’s not like you can’t just forgo wearing socks; that’ll make it worse for you in the end! Yet, at the same time socks can – and often – do make it worse for you. All of that bacterial build-up, humid and hot atmosphere just makes the fungal infection that much more apt to start growing again, which can really suck since it’ll just last a lot longer that way. Plus the creams and the powders can make your socks feel sticky and gross. Which really, is a whole other problem in and of itself.

Before you know it, you’ve spent an untold amount of money just trying to fix the athlete’s foot problem, and might not have gotten anywhere.

Yet, as mentioned, socks are important. So what kind of socks should you wear that’ll protect your feet, and also help heal your foot in the long run?

Well, conventional wisdom states you don’t want just any ol’ socks. Especially cheap ones you can purchase in a grocery store since those are generally cheaply made, and often with poor quality cotton. A greater alternative is specially medicated ones you can normally find in a hospital because those are designed for people with ailments and often have anti-bacterial properties, with strength and arch support built-in. However, that would require a hospital visit, which can easily put a hit on your insurance.

Instead, one of the best alternatives actually that meets that middle ground of affordable, and healthy healing comes from Silver Yarn that’s threaded in through socks. In fact, one such company, Bonny Silver, offers the sort of socks that you’d be looking for if you were suffering from even a mild case of athlete’s foot.

Here’s how it works: The socks that you’d purchase from Bonny Silver are completely made up of 100% pure silver yarn. Now, you might be thinking that silver used in clothing should have detrimental effects, right?

Luckily, not really. See, silver actually has a lot of healing properties within it, as it’s one of the few – if only – metal on earth that has natural anti-bacterial qualities within it that doesn’t harm the human skin, but also gets rid of naturally occurring bacteria, and fungus, and such. In fact, it’s been used for centuries for that very purpose. Even back in ancient times, medicinal practices required a BIT of silver involved because even then people knew it was special.

So, because of that, the silver thread used in the socks will help with the antibacterial issues that you’re dealing with in a natural way that creams and powders just won’t be able to handle in a natural way. Plus, it doesn’t help that the socks provided by Bonny Silver are also made of high-quality fabric, and are produced to provide optimal health benefits while providing a lot of comforts.

Just imagine; socks that actually gently add pressure to the much-needed areas on your foot – such as your heel, arch, and the balls of your feet. Instead of just loosely hanging on, and scrunching up in your shoe which can be massively uncomfortable (especially if you’re required to be on your feet all day) and could give you poor circulation. Instead, the socks are designed to remain on your feet, but give you a lot of breathing room to help with the circulation of blood to your toes and heels.

You know how the worst part of athletes foot is the smell, where when you’re in public you KNOW that people can tell because they can probably smell that stench that comes off your feet? And when you take off your shoes it just REEKS of infection, causing you to have to spray and deodorize your shoes, which can massively make them smell even worst in the long run.

Well, the best part of Bonny Silvers socks is that the silver threading not only helps inhibit healing, and fights the bacteria of athletes foot, but also gets rid of the stench causing bacteria that get in on your feet as well. So your feet will constantly feel – and smell – fresh even after a full day of walking and moving around. Amazing, since this will keep you feeling confident instead of cautious.

All of this at an affordable price too. Bonny Silver socks don’t really cost a whole lot, and when you really think about it between all the medication and self-help tools you’ll be paying for (as well as sock purchases) it’ll probably save you money in the long run. Why suffer for weeks, when you can heal up a lot quicker than that, and feel better in the long run?

Be sure to check out our products to see what socks fit in your price range. Never know, might find your new favorite socks to wear just because you like the way they feel on you. Especially once the athlete’s foot is gone, and you can sit back, and relax in comfort once more.

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