What is Diabetic Foot

Diabetes is a life-long disease that develops when the pancreatic gland cannot produce enough insulin hormone or the insulin hormone it produces cannot be used effectively. Diabetes negatively affects the quality of life of millions of people. Diabetics should be careful about issues such as nutrition, exercise, regular medication and glucose monitoring throughout their lives. All kinds of developments that will increase the quality of life of diabetics have great importance in their lives because of these issues to be considered.


Another important point to be considered for diabetic patients to continue their daily lives more easily is foot care. In advanced cases of diabetes, some cracks and wounds occur on the feet. The weakness of the immune system due to diabetes prevents these wounds from healing in a short time. Silver socks are one of the best solutions to heal the wounds on the feet.


Stenosis and similar circulatory disorders in the foot and leg veins affect the health of people with diabetes significantly. People with diabetes need to pay more attention to their feet. Therefore, choosing products that support diabetes treatment is important for patients to have a better quality of life. Silver socks are one of these supporting products.


 Benefits of Silver Socks for Diabetics


Diabetic socks are used as a support product in the treatment of wounds caused by blood circulation disorders in diabetes. There are hundreds of types of these socks according to the material they are produced from. Diabetic socks help diabetics to continue their daily life more comfortably. The most helpful diabetic socks types are silver socks.


 Silver socks do not put pressure on the feet and ankles thanks to their special texture and the unique effect of pure silver. Silver socks have a seamless front and prevent friction wounds on toes.


The silver yarn used in its weaving has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Thanks to this feature, sweating and odor are prevented. Also, bacteria formation is due to the unique strength of threads made of pure silver.


It keeps feet warm in winter and cool in summer with its thermodynamic structure. Thus, it balances the blood circulation in the feet, which is one of the most important factors for diabetics.

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